About Us

We are specialized in providing all kind of information for all major phone brands.

Business Name: SC CARBON PRO HQ S.R.L.
Business Address: 94-95 Fulga, Romania
VAT No. RO38651553
Phone No. +40735133333
Email Address: contact@sickw.com

How to Register

1. Make an account: https://sickw.com/?page=register
2. You will receive an email to confirm your account, click on the link received in email.
3. Login to website and you can add funds from here: https://sickw.com/?page=money

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How to Order

- Make sure that your IMEI/SN is correct and valid.
- Select the correct service for your Device/Brand/Model/Carrier and that your IMEI/SN is correct and valid.
- Read service description and sample to verify that you selected the correct service for your device needs.
- Timeframe specified for some services is represented by business days. Weekends, holidays & order day are not counted.

Refund Policy

- If your order fails to complete, the cost is refunded back to your site balance.
- For refunds back to credit card, please contact us via Email or Whatsapp.
- Make sure you send correct order, some of our service providers will not refund if wrong order is placed.